Our Team

Student Executives, Faculty Advisors, and Mentors


Nirupan Sivakumaran

Nirupan Sivakumaran is a third year student studying International Relations and Contemporary Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. As the managing director, Nirupan is charged with the challenge of coordinating students across Canada and Japan with the collective goal to support our rural populations.

Nirupan’s area of interest is in public policy, politics, and community engagement. He was the campaign director for TDSB Trustee Parthi Kandavel, and has represented Scarborough-Agincourt at the City Youth Council of Toronto.

Jonathan Ge

Jonathan Ge is a second year Rotman Commerce student at the University of Toronto. He heads the Toronto research team and manages all operations in North America.

Jonathan is an avid social entrepreneur and passionate about politics. He is interested in researching policies that can improve economic prosperity for all. Jonathan also believes that social entrepreneurship has opened a new path for youth to make their impact on the world.


Ito Peng


Junichiro Koji

Junichiro Koji is an Associate Professor at the Department of International and Regional Studies, Hokkaido University of Education, Hakodate Campus. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science Specialization in Canadian Studies from the University of Ottawa. His research interests include Canadian politics, immigration and integration policy, and regional development. Since his return to Japan, his research involves the sustainable development of rural Japan and Canada.

Before taking the current position, he served as a research officer responsible for youth policy at the City of Montreal as well as political analyst at the Japanese Embassy in Canada

Mark Woo

Mark Woo is a secondary school teacher in Toronto. He currently works as a researcher for the CAN-JPN project Toronto team.

Mark has taught history, politics, economics, and social sciences for fourteen years. He is the founder of several province wide debate conferences in Toronto.