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August Workshop (English)

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August Workshop (English)

Upcoming Events

Rural Revitalization August Workshop



Date: Saturday, August 26th 2017

Toronto time:     7am - 9am EST

Japan time:        8pm - 10pm JST


  • University of Toronto (TBD)
  • Waseda University - Student Center
  • Hokkaido University of Education, Hakodate Campus - Active Learning Room
  • Esashi (TBD)
  • Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus - Common Lecture Room 1

Event Description

In the upcoming decades, many post-industrial countries will face aging societies and declining populations, a trend that affects rural areas more severely than urban ones. Despite the differences in government administration, socio-cultural background and economic structure, rural Japan and the maritime provinces of Canada are facing population decline. Here, we have come across a policy and demographic problems of a strikingly similar nature.

Please join us for a workshop this August 26th  with undergraduate students from the University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University of Education in Hakodate, Osaka University, and residents of Esashi. Participants from all locations will simultaneously learn and address the social, economic, and cultural aspects of rural depopulation.

Our case study will be Esashi, Hokkaido Prefecture, a port town nationally renowned for its beauty and distinctive culture. As one of Hokkaido’s oldest towns, and a historic centre of commerce during the Meiji period, we hope to bring new energy and creativity through community engagement and the application of innovative policies. It is our hope that such ideas may be replicable elsewhere.

This event will be bilingual, in both English and Japanese.

Eventbrite - Rural Revitalization in Canada and Japan

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When aiming to promote effective, evidence based policies, grassroots initiatives like the Japan – Canada conference not only open up spaces for meaningful debate and discussion but also strengthen ties between countries and people
— Héctor Goldar, MA in Human Geography